Flipping the Script with Our New Business Model to Better Serve You
Flipping the Script with Our New Business Model to Better Serve You

Flipping the Script with Our New Business Model to Better Serve You

Here we are at the start of a new financial year, 2021/22. But not just any year - a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. And so much has changed. The sectors that we serve in the IT space have grown and in general thrived. Nobody in our company comes into the office anymore. We now have only experienced, senior staff working effectively from home. Marketing, not cold calling, feels like the future.

Also, for the first time in a while I have had time to stop and think. During the first lockdown, I discovered a podcast called StartUp. It is a documentary series about entrepreneurial life and focuses on a podcast company launching their business. They cover things such as having an elevator pitch, recruiting staff, making their first shows, and much more explored in real time. But what the podcast really captures is the excitement of realising a vision and growing a company as opposed to just making money.

Around the same time, my favourite TV show was Undercover Billionaire, an American reality TV show in its second season. Three highly successful businesspeople go undercover with a $100 USD and an old Jeep into three small US towns and have 90 days to create a million-dollar business. No access to old contacts, literally nowhere to stay on day one, and knowing nobody. At the end of 90 days, Grant in Pueblo had started a marketing agency, Wake Up Pueblo, valued at $5.5 million; Monique in Tahoma started the health shot business, Rooted, that exceeded a $1.0 million valuation; and Elaine in Fresno converted the rundown Shepherd's Inn into a deli, farmers' market, coffee shop, and bar that looks amazing and even in COVID times is valued at over $1.0 million. The show is very inspiring commercially, but also focuses on people, kindness, and the human spirit. The number of people who give them funds, help for nothing (sweat equity), go above and beyond is remarkable. So many people receive jobs and payments they did not expect, and it makes for very good television.

What does all of this mean for our company? It's time to be a start-up again because that is the opportunity this 'new normal' is giving us while allowing us to give back as a company.

So it's time to up the energy both mentally and physically and to make sure we find even better jobs for our candidates, match even better applicants with our clients, and insure every interaction we have with anybody, anywhere is effective, efficient, and energised.

Our team has created a clear plan for where we are going in the future and we know how we are going to get there. What exactly will our new business model look like? No fixed offices, new working practices, enhanced communication, better CRM systems, completely transformed marketing, and only specialised, experienced consultants.

Our goal is to reach £1,000,000+ revenue in two years with MSP technical, sales, in-house technical, and contract desks in place and growing quickly. Watch this space as we develop and grow!

In the past, we have supported The Tom ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust, a charity dedicated to help in fighting knife crime in London and we will be doing so again. Previously, we gave 1.0% of company turnover, staff members participated in various challenges to raise money, and I worked with a connected charity to help children with various special needs perform better when interviewing for work. I think it is time to revisit this as well finding a way in some way to supporting and assisting refugees coming into the UK. It is not always a very kind world and finding to help give people a warmer welcome in a strange country could be very rewarding.

We look forward to updating you monthly through this blog with our development and progress.

Gary Sargeant, Managing Director