How Working with the Right IT Recruiter Can Help You to Land Your Next Job
How Working with the Right IT Recruiter Can Help You to Land Your Next Job

Changing jobs is one of the top 3 most stressful things that you do in your life and the right recruitment consultant can help guide you successfully through the process of landing your next job. Working with an IT recruiter can be a great way to shorten your job search and secure an exciting new role. Good IT recruiters are knowledgeable about the market and industry, provide you with long-term career advice, and connect you with roles that can further your career goals.

Having a productive and positive relationship with your IT recruiter is all about communication. Here are tips on how you can make the most of your working relationship with your IT recruiter.

1. Ask the right questions

As with all things in life, the standard of recruiters can vary. Getting to know a recruiter to make sure they are good fit for you is essential. You can best do this by asking questions and getting to know the recruiter and the recruitment agency.

• "Do you specialise in the industry I work in?"
• "How often do you fill roles with skillsets and backgrounds similar to mine?"
• "What types of companies do you work with?"
• "Do you proactively market your candidates? If so, how do you do it?"
• "How can I make myself more marketable to IT firms?"

2. Be clear about what you want in your next role

Let your recruiter know what you are looking for in your next role - and what you are not. Consider whether you are looking for full-time or part-time, home working or on-site, your desired compensation package, and type of role. Ask if what you are looking for is realistic and establish what is possible. Good recruiters will have strong relationships with clients and really understand their hiring needs. Do these needs match yours? Being forthcoming will help the recruiter to understand what you want and to effectively match your experience and skills with IT job vacancies.

3. Communicate your skills and what you have to offer

Being open and honest is the best way to communicate with your recruiter. Share with them your skills, past job responsibilities, and career goals. Also, make sure you are straightforward about your job history, previous salaries, and why you left past jobs. Providing your recruiter with this information will enable them to use their expertise and knowledge to help advance your job search. Recruiters will look to find you a better version of your current role or help you to take the next step career wise in that space. They cannot change your career, but they can help you to develop it.

4. Don't be shy about money

Be honest with your recruiter about your previous compensation packages. Also, be clear with your recruiter from the beginning about what your compensation expectations are. Ask the recruiter what they think they can achieve for you before working together. This will help the recruiter to match you with roles and suggest compensation that will be fair for both you and IT firm. Though don't be surprised if a recruiter suggests some roles that vary slightly from your desired location, salary, or role. It is the recruiter's aim to provide you with as many relevant options as possible and quickly get you on the path to an exciting new role.

5. Stay in touch after you land the role

Recruiters can still provide guidance after you have secured a new role. Keep your recruiter updated with how the role is going. Staying in touch will let them help you address any issues and maintain a strong, professional relationship.

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