IT Support Jobs: A Key Employment & Recruitment Sector
IT Support Jobs: A Key Employment & Recruitment Sector

The world of IT has never been bigger. It touches every aspect of people's lives as never before. This means that the number and range of jobs available in the IT industry is large and continuing to grow.

It was just 30 years ago that computers were only used by companies and IT departments rather than employees. Companies often had their own IT departments, who had large mainframe or mid-sized computers to produce things such as cost reports and wage runs, which would be considered wildly inefficient and time consuming by today's standards.

As the industry has evolved, it has changed the way we all work. The use of personal PCs and laptops, local area networking, office applications, email, and the Internet means that for most people that if their IT doesn't work then neither can they. When something goes wrong with our office technology, we need someone to contact. This has lead to a whole new IT sector being created. The IT support, or Managed Service Provider (MSP) space, has created literally thousands of new job opportunities in the IT industry. These IT support roles are responsible for making things work so that other employees can carry on with their daily work tasks.

IT Support Jobs: A Key Employment & Recruitment Sector

Whereas 30 years ago only 2% of the workforce needed IT to perform their duties, now 80% of employees need IT directly and the other 20% indirectly to perform their job responsibilities. Therefore, companies are now happy to pay 3rd parties to make sure all IT issues can be fixed in an acceptable time frame. This in turn means there is a massive demand for trained IT support engineers.

Currently, one of the biggest areas for new apprenticeships in the UK is in IT support. As we welcome a generation of IT literate job seekers into the workplace, IT support roles have a great appeal to this particular group.

As of March 2022, the average salary for an IT support role in the UK is £25,816 ranging from £18,533 to £43,882 according to Check-a-Salary. As an IT recruitment agency, our personal experience shows that 3rd Line Engineers can certainly earn salaries as high as £55,000.

If you search for 'IT support jobs' the list and range of job roles will be endless. It is hard to get a total number of IT support staff in jobs, but it is certainly in excess of 100,000 in the UK and may be much higher. Plus, IT roles such as 1st/2nd and 3rd Line Engineers can lead to a range of jobs such as solution architects, Service Desk and Service Delivery Managers, Project Managers and Engineers, and Technical Leads.

Technology is always changing so the people with IT support skills are always learning and adapting in their roles. An entry-level IT support job can offer not just the chance to work in the ever-evolving IT industry but the chance for a satisfying long-term career in technology with the chance for increased earning power and continued skills and knowledge growth.

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