Quarter 2 Update from TSR Select
Quarter 2 Update from TSR Select

Quarter 2 Update from TSR Select

In March 2020, TSR Select went into the UK's first COVID-19 lockdown as an IT sales and technical recruitment agency that was performing well, but in reality, lacking direction and drive. The problem was that if you don't know where you are going, you almost certainly won't get there and that was true in our case. As lockdown restrictions eased and then restarted on more than one occasion, the office for 20 consultants was sitting empty while my business partner, Luke, and I were working from home unaided. It was definitely not what we had planned for 2020.

However, what came next was very powerful. As Luke and I worked full time on recruiting, clients slowly started to engage more much more closely. It became clear that clients valued consultants with real experience. That if they trusted that you understood their market and were offering genuine advice and guidance that this had a real value to them and was not commonly available. These improved relationships and closer working practices started to see more successful placements being made.

The lockdown also gave us time to think. We wanted a modern business suited to the post pandemic age. This meant a clear focus on growth, new work practices, innovative ways to interact with clients and candidates, and a new way to run the company with the energy and vision of a start-up company.

Our team now works remotely, with many roles being part-time and built around the employees and their needs. We have introduced a new state of the art CRM that is a huge improvement on what we had. This is combined with the latest systems for remote working, as a slimmed down but very effective reporting system.

Q1 of 2021 saw strong figures despite a poor January. Plus, we added two new team members including Millie, our first completely LinkedIn focused resource. This gave us access to a new group of candidates that really impressed clients. Plus Lori, our American marketing guru, who is here working on a PhD has been working on our social media and redesigning our website. We have been able to employ highly skilled people through innovative contracts that work well for our team members and the business. Each person has made a significant, positive contribution as well as being an excellent new team member.

In Q2 our figures saw an impressive 60% growth on Q1. We have employed a new full-time consultant, Jayde to work alongside Luke in sales recruitment. Also, in another new part-time role, Megan has joined to help create direct marketing campaigns for clients, potential clients, and candidates. Add these new team members to Millie and Lori from Q1, we have started to build a team again.

Our accomplishments in Q2 include increased revenue growth again, additional headcount, new improved CRM, home working systems, a new marketing strategy implemented, and a new website commissioned.

These are unusual times so success is even more rewarding than before. On to Q3!