Quarterly Update from TSR Select: Closing Q2 2022
Quarterly Update from TSR Select: Closing Q2 2022

As we come to the end of the second quarter at TSR Select, there are three main things we are reflecting upon.

  • IT jobs, of which there are many of at this point in time, both IT sales and technical jobs!
  • Our ways of working as an IT recruitment agency. Many IT recruitment agencies are undergoing fundamental changes in the way they work, and we certainly are here at TSR.
  • Being an IT recruiter is my chosen career and I enjoy it. In my opinion, it is a job and a career that is becoming more interesting by the day.

In general, the state of play at TSR is very positive. Sales are up 36% on the first quarter and the profile of clients that we are bringing on in the Sales side of the business is particularly exciting. We are closely engaged with two of the UK's top system integrators, plus a range of innovative and exciting cyber security and cloud-based vendors and Managed Service Providers. There has been a real sense of change in the way that we are finding new clients. A more advanced and sophisticated use of digital media for outreach and business referrals has meant we have taken on some interesting and unique clients and jobs.

The business, as well as growing, is changing. Our latest recruit who starts this month is being tasked solely with the integration of our recruitment CRM system, JobAdder, into every aspect of the way we work moving forward. We know other companies have seen this as important before us and we may be slightly late to the party. But the improved development of modern software means a great deal of interaction with clients and candidates can now be automated. For any recruitment agency in any market, but in particular an IT recruitment agency such as TSR, you cannot ignore this technology any longer.

The ability to have automated initial interactions with clients and candidates that they are happy with and find valuable means that IT recruiters can spend much more of their time speaking to people who want to talk. This automation allows recruitment consultants to generate an initial interest from candidates, register them, and then contact them with relevant opportunities so that moving forward has never been easier. If you understand your market then individual recruiters should be able to bill much higher amounts due this automation of initial contact. Thankfully, many of the time consuming and inefficient tasks can now be eliminated.

The three major changes that we committed to making at the start of 2022 are now all fully underway:

1. Changing the type of consultants that we are employing due to the work-from-home model. This has proved to be successful. Our management focus is only on what we are achieving as opposed to what are people doing. Consultants have been onboarded and are billing successfully while also being happy and committed.

2. Heavily improve the quantity and effectiveness of our LinkedIn activity. This has started with internal initiatives and we have engaged a professional LinkedIn coach for an initial 2 month course that began this month.

3. Automate the way we work. As mentioned above, this is now started and will only continue to grow.

So the journey that we started after lockdown has proved to be not the one expected. However, we now have a new model that we believe in. It feels much stronger, more suitable for today's marketplace.

We are a modern IT recruitment agency built on solid foundations, offering IT recruiters great remote working jobs, and working with some amazing IT companies with some of the best IT jobs. The foundations at TSR feel very solid. I think our growth moving forward will be quicker and more sustainable.

Until next time,
Gary Sargeant, Managing Director

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